Box Elegance HCG Oral24

Box with 12 Elegance HCG Oral24.


The Elegance HCG Oral diet helps to lose weight and improve health in a responsible way. The Elegance HCG Oral solution helps with hunger feelings and stimulates the burning of mobile fat, the fat that is stored around the hips, thighs, belly, bottom, upper arms, but leaves the structural fat, the fat that is inside the muscles, offering protection to the organs, untainted. That way, the excessive fat can disappear and the – for many people- typical problem zones are handled even more efficiently.

Ingredients HCG Oral ampoule:

Water, L-Carnitine tartrate (10 mg per ampoule), preservative Potassium sorbate, preservative Sodium benzoate, acid Citric acid, chromium (III) chloride (20 μg Chromiumper ampoule, 50% RDI*), sodium selenite (11,2 μg Selenium per ampoule,  20% RDI*), cyanocobalamin(Vitamin B12; 0,0006%; 2,4 μg per tablet, 96% RDI*)

* Recommended Daily Intake

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Box Elegance HCG Oral24